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Searching for a professional and experienced Cape May electrician? Denham Electric, Inc. is the only place to look. We are skilled in a variety of electrical services, call us to see what we can do.

At Denham Electric Inc. we strive to give our customers prompt, professional services no matter what it takes. Our employees are trained professionals and can deal with any situation. We will exceed your needs and leave each and every customer happy and satisfied. You can rely on Denham Electric, Inc to provide you with prompt, professional and curious service.

Licenses / Credentials:
• Licensed Electrician ( LIC NO.13782A)

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We Specialize In:

  • Lighting Fixtures
  • Emergency Electrical Services
  • Electric Wiring
  • Breaker Boxes

Steps in Hiring a Reliable Cape May Electrician

You might not think of it often but, the fact is that at some point in time every home is going to need the services of an electrician. The electricity that makes our lives comfortable and simply makes everything work is a major component in every home. Of course many homeowners are knowledgeable enough to do some of the small things themselves, such as rewiring a wall switch or replacing a ceiling fixture. But for others, anything involving electrical repairs, improvements or direct wiring of lighting fixtures or appliances is best left to a qualified Cape May electrician.

Finding an electrician shouldn’t be difficult. Finding one that you feel is right for your specific project may take a little more effort.

Where to Look for a Qualified Cape May Electrician

Start by asking the people you know, such as friends or co-workers, to see if they are familiar with any electricians. If they’ve had any experience with a Cape May electrician, they can tell you if they were happy with his work or not. If someone’s had a bad experience, they’ll probably be glad to tell you about it. Likewise if someone’s had a good experience with a Cape May electrician they’ll probably give him a glowing recommendation. People will quickly let you know if they received great service. You'll find that we have a good reputation and take pride in our work.

When you find a Cape May electrician you’re interested in working with you’ll need to do a little background checking. Call the Better Business Bureau to see if the electrician has ever had any complaints filed by customers. Ask if these complaints were resolved and if it was to the customer’s satisfaction. It’s not unusual for a reliable Cape May electrician to get a complaint or two, but what is important is how they handle it. A number of complaints on file against any electrician should signal a red flag that you should shop elsewhere.

Asking the Cape May Electrician to Submit a Bid

Once you have a few electricians in mind you can interview each one and discuss your project with them. Ask about experience; we'll be happy to explain to you how a Cape May electrician can meet your needs. We offer a quality of service that you will not find elsewhere. After the project is complete, you'll be happy we sent an expert Cape May electrician.

Have each electrician do a walk through with you and ask them to explain what they believe should be done and how they would handle your project. Describe what you hope to achieve and express any concerns you might have. By spending some time with each Cape May electrician, you’ll also get a feel as to how well you communicate with each one and if you’ll be comfortable working with them. If you feel uneasy about any electrician or have doubts, simply move on to the next one. Remember this is someone that you’ll essentially be relying on for the future of your home.

Ask how long the entire project will take and how much it will cost. Obviously a Cape May electrician can’t give you a correct estimate until they work up an in depth quote. Give each electrician a list of what you want included in their bid. You’ll need to know what is involved in the project as well as the cost of any necessary materials and labor. You’ll want to know your payment options. Small jobs usually require payment at time of completion while larger projects are usually made in installments as the job progresses. You’ll also want an estimated time for completion.

Choosing Your Cape May Electrician

Once you have a bid from each Cape May electrician it’s time to make some comparisons. An extremely low bid may be tempting but you need to be cautious. A low bid may be nothing more than that but if it seems unusually low it may also mean the electrician is cutting corners, something you certainly don’t want where electricity is involved. If the bid is really appealing to you ask the electrician how he arrived at the figure and how he is able to under bid everyone else. The truth is, when determining which Cape May electrician to hire, you not only need to choose the one that’s going to be the best for your budget but the one that is most suited for your particular project as well.

Don’t lose sight of the fact that when it comes time to choose a Cape May electrician, it’s about more than just your budget. When dealing with electricity, you have to think about the safety of your home and family. You need a reliable Cape May electrician that will take the time to pay attention to detail and make certain the job is done right. Your home’s future relies on the quality of the Cape May electrician you choose.

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Brian Denham did great work for us in many respects. Because this is not our primary home it could have been difficult to connect. Brian met us on a Sunday had a quote by Monday and began the work later that week. He made some suggestions that my wife and thought were perfect. When i asked about payment Brian said I should pay him when my wife and I were completely satisfied with his work. He was also very receptive to any questions we had. Trustworthy and reliable.
Nichole, Villas
Brian responded immediately to my request. Promptly came over spent over 1 1/2hr. for our free estimate discussing our options and offering suggestions. He never tried to push anything that would 'pad' the estimate. Sent me a detailed estimate quickly and was quite willing to work with me as to when to do the job. Great correspondence and updating. Brian said it would take 2 weeks to do the entire job ( whole house rewiring) but he was done and cleaned up within 5 days. I can not praise his work and professionalism enough. This is the first contractor in the Cape May area that I would recommend. Absolutely the best!
Carol, Cape May
Top Notch....Beautiful, Clean work. Reliable and professional.
Robert, Cape May